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Apple Spice

Fruit Wine, Dry

A light off-dry apple wine was made of fresh juice from a local orchard. An infusion of cinnamon imparts a spicy elegance that pairs well with roasted turkey, lentil stew or baked custard.

$10.00 - 750ml


La Crescent

Semi-sweet White

This white French-hybrid grape thrives in our climate creating a full-bodied wine bursting with grapefruit notes in its aroma and flavor. LaCrescent flatters a fruity summer salad or spice-rubbed grilled fish.

$12.00 - 750ml


Sweet White

A sweeter and softer version from our LaCrescent vines, these grapes beat the heat in their own shady canopy. Sip this wine chilled on your porch swing with a skewer of pineapple and strawberries!

$12.00 - 750ml





Semi-sweet Red

"Brambles" is an old term used for the prickly thickets that grow in the fence rows. In this wine, raspberries create the potent flavoring used to spike a grape base to become what we call Brambleberry. This deep-colored, full-bodied wine has a tart berry tingle best appreciated with buttery bread, mild cheeses and creamy pasta dishes. A juicy steak reveals its bold yet balanced structure.

$12.00 - 750ml


Native Harvest

Sweet Red

This light port-style wine with hues and hints of black cherry serves nicely alongside dark chocolate desserts. Previous "Native Harvest fans" will notice a difference in this latest release. Come and taste for yourself!

$10.00 - 750ml

Concord Mist

Sweetest Red

Lip-smacking and grapey, this wine is a charmer. Enjoy it straight, as a cooler or a base for a fruity Sangria punch.

$10.00 - 750ml

Case Discount

We are pleased to offer a case discount of 10% for all solid or mixed cases. This applies to any purchase of 12 bottles or more to one customer in the same visit.

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