Research Wine Tastings

In developing our wine style...

and choosing which varieties of grapes to use we like to consult the most important of critics - our friends and family! They in turn are asked to invite some wine-loving friends and soon a market study group emerges.

These gatherings are designed to evaluate wines we collected from other Midwest vineyards, giving us the opportunity to see how Hoosiers respond to different grapes that thrive in our region. Each tasting event has a theme and the guests are given a score sheet along with their plate and glass. Below is a list of recent wine tastings.

Missouri River Valley wines were featured at our "Great Grape Taste Test of 2004." An earlier three-day trip to Missouri had resulted in a collection of 16 wines from 14 wineries. The selections were made to gather a sample of as many different single-varietal wines as possible made from grapes grown successfully in Missouri's climate. This tasting, held October 23rd, was setup in our home where different rooms provided an isolated setting to focus on only a few wines at a time. Each wine was paired with a flattering cheese, appetizer or dessert. Click here for a list of wines and pairings. We'd like to thank Adam Puchta Winery in Herrmann, Missouri for all the pairing tips they gave us at their tasting bar. Congratulations to them as well for being the top choice among our evening's tasters with their bottle of Vivant.

Another tasting, held May 27, 2006, was the highlight of our LaCrescent Planting Celebration. Several workdays of planting and trellis building bordered an evening where Indiana Concord wines were explored in depth. A warm breeze and blue sky welcomed our guests to the outdoor displays of wine. Food was kept simple to match the casual Concords. The wine list, barbeque buffet and tasty tidbits are detailed here. Sixteen wines were purchased from around the state, all made from the same grape but styled in various ways. Surprisingly the most favored wine was far on the dry side. The most sweet of all 16 took second spot. Producer names are withheld given that the competition is so close to home! For any Indiana vintner that inquires, we'd be happy to let them know how they placed! Thanks to all who participated, especially our dear friends from France who tolerated a whole evening of "grapey" wine.



The growing trend of local foods...

provided the theme for our First Harvest Celebration, held September 29, 2007. Pairing with 18 wines we had gathered from the Lake Michigan Shore region, we chose foods using only ingredients found in the Midwest. A list of both wine and food producers is found here. A big thanks to Coverdale Angus for their donation of sirloin steaks and also to the Morehouse family for their very locally grown sausage! We hope the interest in buying local foods increases. The evening's wine of choice was a Late Harvest Vignoles from Fenn Valley Vineyards of Michigan, winning the highest approval percentage although the half bottle (my mistake) did not provide everyone a taste. Second place was a sparkling Peach Spumante from Lemon Creek Winery. Thanks to all who helped us celebrate our first harvest season and a special blessing to those who helped pick and crush the grapes!



Just for the record, our Research Wine Tastings, although done for commercial pursuits, were private gatherings where no admission was charged. The permits we will receive to produce alcohol will allow us to serve and sell our own wines to the public but unfortunately none by any other winery. We treasure the opportunity we've had to try various wines and foods and hope our family and friends haven't minded being guinea pigs in our experiments! We hope to continue the tradition of tasting events using our own wine creations and look forward to developing recipes that complement our vineyard's produce. -- CMW archives 2008