At your service

Free Wine Tastings

Visitors of all ages are welcome on the winery grounds. Those of drinking age are given the opportunity to taste any of our currently available wines. These complimentary tastings take place at a small tasting bar just outside the doors of our facility. Groups larger than 6 may be divided into shifts. Please let us know how we can serve any specific needs of your group. (See below for information about our Party Hosting options.)


Vineyard and Winery Tours

Enjoy a guided walk through the vineyard where you will encounter five different grape varieties. Details of basic pruning and other vine touches will be shared with plenty of time for questions. A view to the operations of the winery's processing area is accompanied with explanations of the harvesting and winemaking processes. All tours are free.


Visualize the winery grounds as a large and flexible outdoor dining room. We are happy to offer the following specific arrangements of group settings, equipment and catering by reservation. Available hours range from 8am to 10pm seven days a week. Reservations are for a 2-hour usage. Hours can be added at 25% of the original cost per additional hour. All alcohol service is performed by Country Moon staff. The following services do not require a contract and are available by verbal reservation:

Tasting Party Packages

These scenarios feature wine tasting as the main activity and are our most popular combinations of services. Samples of each current wine will be poured with information given about each wine followed by a 4-ounce serving of each guest's choice. The winemakers will be available for questions. These value packages can save up to $45 off the total of all elements.

Log Cabin Patio Party
8-20 people

This package includes the "Patio Seating" set-up (see description below), accessory table, "Deluxe Nibbler" food option, private group "Wine Tasting," 4-ounce glass of wine per guest and bottled water.
Cozy Campfire Party
8-20 people
This package includes a "Campfire" setting (see description below), food table situated away from fire, "Deluxe Nibbler" food option, private group "Wine Tasting," 4-ounce glass of wine per guest and bottled water.


Special Settings

Customize your gathering by combining any of the following settings, food or drink options. Click here for our online photo booklet.

Table for Two

Choose a woodland or vineyard location for a private table for two. This setting includes a small table with tablecloth, 2 chairs, and a small floral/herbal arrangement. Wine may be purchased at extra cost by the glass or bottle.
2-12 people
Rings of rustic stone contain a fire big enough to warm up to 12 people. Choose a spot nestled in the trees or one with a full view of the sky. Bales of hay available for rustic seating. Setting includes firewood for a 2-hour fire. No outside firewood shall be brought in. Yard chairs and blankets are welcome.
Patio Seating
12-20 people
The patio between the cabin and the butterfly garden has a casual crushed limestone surface. Tables and chairs can be arranged a number of ways to accommodate 12-20 people. Tablecloths and small table decorations are included. Canopies will be utilized depending on weather and time of day. Light-duty electrical service included if necessary.
Log Cabin Stage
20-50 people
The log cabin becomes a rustic backdrop to a gathering or presentation. Rows of porch-facing chairs on the adjacent patio can seat up to 50. Light-duty electrical service included if necessary.
Vineyard Banquet
12-60 people
Long 8-foot tables are placed end-to-end in a dramatic vineyard setting. This option is very exposed to wind and weather, requires a moderate walk and is some distance from restrooms. Tablecloths and small table decorations are included. This setting can accommodate 6-8 per table up to a total of 8 tables or 60 people.
A tent creates a cozy insurance against too much sun or moisture. Seating under a 30' x 45' tent provides easy access to the patio and fire pit plus a lovely view of the vineyard. Seating for 20 people is included in this price. Please call for a price with larger groups.
Accessory Table
An extra 8-foot rectangular table or 4-foot round table can be added to any setting as a food buffet, cake table or display table. Includes a fabric covering to match setting. A canopy may be provided over the food table relative to weather conditions.
Private Wine Tasting
$30 flat service fee
with free sampling
Add a private group wine tasting to any reserved setting or rental event. This option provides tastings in a location other than the usual tasting bar. Samples of all current wines will be poured by winery staff with information given about each wine. The winemakers will be available for questions. (See Catering Menu for more details.)
Wine Bar
$50 flat service fee
plus wine at retail
Add a wine bar to any reserved setting or rental event. Wine and wine punch are served by winery staff. Wine can be sold either on a "cash bar" basis (where guests pay for their own beverages) or a host can pay for all opened bottles. Limits may be set by either the winery or host. "Soft Drinks" option can be added. (See Catering Menu for more details.)
Food Options

The following items can be procured from an outside commercial source by the winery on behalf of the reserved party for their convenience. (See Catering Menu for more details.)

Cheese & Crackers
Fruit Tray
Deluxe Nibbler
Boxed Lunches
Pizza Delivery
Catered Meals

Groups are welcome to use their setting for social and business gatherings not having elements from the "Grounds & Space Rental" list. All services are subject to a 7% sales tax. Food and beverages (other than tasting samples) are also subject to a special 1% Hamilton County tax and, therefore, will be taxed at a total of 8%. Food and drink orders must be made at least 1 week prior. Wine chilling should be requested then if needed.

A reservation can be initiated by phone, voicemail or email. The reservation is not confirmed until a real-time telephone conversation has taken place between the winery and the group's official contact person. By making a reservation, the contact person agrees they have read the policies found on this website (Other Considerations) and agrees to be bound by them. A credit card number will be required for all reservations over $100.

See "Other Considerations" section below.


Under certain restrictions and subject to approval, the grounds of Country Moon Winery are available for a variety of uses. If an event is deemed outside the winery's normal operations, the winery will require a signed contract plus proof of liability insurance and proof of licensing when appropriate. The following examples would necessitate a rental contract:

  • when a private or public event requires exclusive use of the grounds anytime during the hours of 1pm - 7pm.
  • when a private or public event would interrupt normal winery operations anytime during the hours of 8am-10pm
  • when an event is organized and promoted to the public by someone other than winery staff
  • when chauffeured transportation is provided by someone other than a winery contractor
  • when a private or public event would include activities outside the scope of the winery's normal activities
  • when food is brought in for public consumption, not having been purchased through the winery
  • when any product is sold directly to the public from a vendor other than winery staff
  • when structures or equipment are brought in that can create a hazard, ie: tents, screens, music equipment, glassware, etc.

The rental contract will contain further details specific to the event. The rental cost may vary from $10 to $2000 depending on the space, time, and number of renters involved. A damage deposit may be required. Deadlines for participation may be established. One official contact person must be designated who is fully responsible for all decisions. A credit card number will be required for all rentals over $100. Please call for pricing and availability. Click here for rental contract document.


For all reservation and rental situations:

Alcohol is restricted to Country Moon wine only. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL. NO BEER. NO LIQUOR. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is in adherence to the limitations of the Indiana Farm Winery Permit and not meant to be proprietary.

Food: All food must be supplied or authorized by the winery from a commercial source.

Weddings: The winery is particularly suited for hosting bridal showers, bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners during the warmer months. Wedding ceremonies, however, demand a higher level of detail and attention that cannot be offered at this time. Wine is available for use at another venue through a wholesale distributor.

Decorations: Groups are welcome to contribute decorative items to their reserved or rented setting but are asked to choose materials carefully. No hanging of any item is allowed. Table decor and tethered balloons are better solutions. Candles should be shielded by glass or other non-flammable material. No scented candles, oils or potpourri are allowed. No wet, greasy or sticky substances such as bubble machines, fog machines, dance floor wax, silly string, etc. Floral arrangements should be in an oasis base with very little water. Any permanent damage created by these clearly stated substances will be considered willful damage. The winery will not be held liable for any injury, damage or loss as a result of items brought in.

Set-Up and Tear Down: Reservation and rental times should include time needed for set-up and tear-down including wedding photography. The winery agrees to have reserved tables, chairs and tablecloths in place before the time begins unless other arrangements are made. Exceeding time limits may result in a fee per hour. In all cases, music and DJs must stop by 10pm.

Children: Children are always welcome and have the same access to the winery grounds as adults. Small children must be supervised at all times and not allowed to wander off the property.

Damage: The official contact person making the reservation assumes full responsibility for the conduct of all persons in attendance on the contact's behalf or by their invitation, and also assumes full responsibility for any damages or loss as a result of actions by said persons during their reserved event. Willful and malicious damage will be fully prosecuted.

Smoking: No smoking is allowed within 8 feet of any structure. Please use the receptacles provided for cigarette butts. Excessive littering may be considered damage.

Alcohol use: The winery is bound to a strict policy of NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL. Any visitor found using an outside alcohol product will be asked to leave the premises. The adult guests should be mindful and supportive of preventing underage drinking. The winery has the right to ask the entire party to leave if a minor is seen consuming alcohol or shows signs of intoxication. All guests should bear in mind it is illegal to be publicly intoxicated. A designated driver or chauffeured service provides a measure of traveling safety but does not excuse public intoxication of passengers.

Alcohol permits: The Indiana Farm Winery permit issued to the winery is sovereign and applies to the entire property. The use of an Alcohol Catering permit or Type 118 permit is not permissible on the grounds. All alcohol service at the winery must be conducted by winery staff or temporary hired persons with current Indiana ATC server permits.

Items left unsupervised: Equipment or items belonging to a renter or subcontractor must be brought in and removed within the terms of the rental agreement. The rental fee may be amended for space taken up by left equipment. The winery does not guarantee the condition or safety of any items left unsupervised.

Authority: The winery seeks to respect the privacy of groups using the facility, but retains the authority to intervene at ANY time, especially if an unlawful or unsafe situation is suspected. Winery staff (or any concerned individual) may call for emergency medical help on behalf of a guest and such intervention in no way constitutes an admission of fault neither is it an agreement to pay for medical services. The winery has the right to refuse alcohol service to anyone. The winery may request the help of local law enforcement in asserting the winery's authority.

Other Expressly Disallowed: Sorry, NO dogs, NO guns, NO fireworks, NO paintball and NO snowmobiles.

Payment: For reserved and rental services with totals over $100, a credit card number must be given to hold the date. The card may be pre-authorized for the estimated purchase but will not be charged until services have been rendered or a cancellation is final.

Cancellation: A 50% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations within 90 days of the date. A 90% fee will be charged for cancellations within 48 hours of the event.

Refunds: It should be understood that outdoor venues are by nature unpredictable. In the circumstance that the winery is not able to provide a service as stated, the winery will not be held responsible due to acts of God, power outages, fire, flooding, or inclement weather. No refunds or damages will be paid for disappointments that might include actions of other guests, air and road traffic, adjacent farming operations, country odors or any other situations that are out of the winery's reasonable control. The winery expects full payment when all efforts have been made in good faith. The quoted cost of any portion of requested service that was not provided due to failure on the winery's part, and not for any reasons aforementioned, will be deducted from the total charge.

Liability: The winery is not responsible for the actions of any visitor while at the winery for any injuries, harm, or damages that may result to other visitors (customers, party guests, vendors, promoters, etc.) or their property.