Frequently Asked Questions

Are you only open on Saturdays?
Saturdays are most commonly the day visitors want to come for wine tastings. If Saturdays don’t work for you, we are happy to schedule a day and time for you to come taste some wine! Country Moon is a working farm so there are activities we must curtail while being open to the public. We will service a drop-in visit if at all possible, but it’s better to give us a call. Please make your private appointment request by calling or texting to 317-773-7942.

Do you give tours?
Those who are interested can add a vineyard or winery tour to their visit any day as weather permits. Tours are available on Saturdays depending on the current crowd size. Making a private appointment will improve your tour experience. Tours are always free. No minimums.

Do you sell wine slushies?
No, we are not big fans of slushies, mostly because they do not contribute to shaping the region’s wine culture or promote a healthy understanding of alcohol. That being said, we do occasionally offer a sparkler beverage, sangria or mulled wine. These products are made with a known serving of wine and the recipe is posted or printed so customers can recreate them at home.

Can we park our camper overnight?
No, sorry, our current zoning does not allow camping, neither does our liability insurance support camping situations. No type of vehicle should be left overnight without notification and approval. Violators may be towed.

Do you sell grapes?
Yes, we may briefly sell grapes by the pound each year before harvesting for wine. We also have opportunities to pick grapes at no cost, for example; each year after harvest, there is a gleaning period and every 7 years there is a Sabbath picking. Please watch our social media for these announcements or send us an email to be on the list as a gleaner.

Can I create my own event at the winery?
You can use one of our party hosting settings for your gathering with many options available. Party hosting is for private events like bridal showers and family gatherings and can be planned using our online forms. A party may be requested for any day Sunday through Friday and for any time 8 am to 10pm. Public events are a different discussion. Please contact us to see how we might work together on your public event idea.

Can I have live music at my party?
Yes, you may choose from several of our preferred acoustical artists which all meet the licensing requirements for live performances of their own material. Adding music will require making a special request in your party hosting form and waiting for a quote. These options strive to maintain the quiet country atmosphere customarily enjoyed by our guests and neighboring property owners. Sorry, you cannot hire your own band or disc jockey.

Can I have my wedding at the winery?
We are better-suited for wedding-related occasions such as the bridal shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner. The ceremony itself tends to be on Saturday when our tasting room hours prevail. For weddings specifically, we would ask you choose the indoor backup for your setting to avoid the chance of cancellation due to weather. We also ask that you designate only one contact person. Having an indoor alternative space narrows the guest list to 40 for cake & punch and to 20 for a meal. So yes, you can have your wedding at the winery on a day other than Saturday if it fits within these parameters.

Can I bring beer or hard liquor to the winery?
No, don’t do it! By state law, no outside alcohol is allowed. According to the winery’s specific alcohol permit type, only the winery’s own manufactured wine may be served on the property. Any guest found using an outside alcohol product will be asked to leave the premises.

Do you allow party buses, shuttles, or motor coaches?
Due to our long winding driveway, vehicles over 20 feet long are prohibited. So some party buses and limousines are fine, BUT planners should arrange a private appointment or party to guarantee room in the parking area to turn around. A sign at the entrance reads “Tight Spaces Ahead – No Motor Coaches.” There are low hanging trees along the drive and we will not be responsible for any damage incurred to a motor coach.

Do you provide transportation?
No, we do not arrange transportation unless it is a ride in a sheriff’s car. Visitors commonly utilize ride-hailing services and should make their own arrangements beforehand. (Please see answer above regarding party vehicles.)

Are you motorcycle-friendly?
Yes, we have many visitors come on motorcycles. There is a designated concrete pad at the end of our gravel driveway on which to safely park your bike. We can bubble-pack your bottles to take home in a saddle bag.

Are you handicap-accessible?
Yes, we have designated parking with easy access to the winery, indoor and outdoor seating, and party hosting areas. The public restroom is fully ADA compliant.

Can I have food delivered?
Yes, there are several fast food restaurants within 10 minutes and available through delivery services. We highly recommend Bella Pizzeria at Hamilton Town Center. Please remember to tip your driver.

Can I bring my own food?
Actually, yes, after years of telling people no – it turns out it is allowable for guests to bring in home-prepared food. We ask three things: 1) Serve only your own family and friends who understand they are eating home-prepared food, such as a family picnic or pot-luck. 2) Please read and heed the relative text in the party planning guide regarding food safety for all carried-in food. 3) Understand that kitchen facilities are not open for activities involving home-prepared food.

Are dogs allowed?
The short answer is “no” – but it’s complicated. Official service dogs are allowed, of course. However, our insurance company does not cover us for incidents involving animals, therefore we strongly discourage bringing your dog to the winery. We understand people travel with their pets and the occasional dog is unavoidable. Animals should NEVER be left in a hot car. Leashes are required for everyone’s safety and the owners must absolutely CLEAN UP after their animal. The option of a private appointment would help ensure a safe visit for you and your dog. Please specify the dog when you make the appointment.

Are children allowed?
Yes, we love for families to visit and experience the property and vineyard. Children may enter all public areas when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Your visit provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate responsible consumption and have a healthy discussion with your child about grapes and wine.

Can I buy your wine at a store?
No, we do not currently have a retailer selling our wine. We much prefer for customers to come here to experience our products. However, if a small retailer, restaurant or event venue is interested in selling our wine they may now contact us directly.

Do you ship wine?
No, as much as we appreciate your enthusiasm, there is no shortage of wine throughout the country. Shipping laws are volatile. We encourage you to stock deep when you travel and support the wineries where you live!

Do you have a wine club?
No, we do not currently have a wine club but may move into this in the future. Your feedback and experience is valuable to us. Watch for special ticketed events where we feature small-batch wines.

Do you offer wine discounts?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount on any 12 carry-out bottles purchased during one visit – any size, mixed or solid cases. There may be special promotions or special events that discount certain products. State law requires alcohol sellers to offer a consistent price to every potential customer for a given day’s duration. Any discount must be equally available to all.

What is your gun policy?
We respect your right to carry a personal firearm and Indiana law specifically protects this right. You may even hear gun fire from neighboring properties during your visit because this is, after all, “the country.” However, we will NEVER sponsor target practice or shooting contests here at the winery. We ask patrons to maintain their weapons in a responsible manner and not make an issue or display of them.