Wine List

Enjoy Country Moon Wine at home with our favorite pairing suggestions below.

Wapahani White
Dry White Blend
Wapahani White is a soft white with gentle oak in the finish. It pairs well with an herbed cream cheese appetizer or cashew chicken entree. This blend of two estate-grown varieties takes it name from the Native American word meaning “white sands.” Wapahani was an earlier name given to what is now the White River. The label features Noblesville’s iconic Potter’s Bridge.
$14.00 – 750ml
$10.00 – 375ml half-bottle

Norton’s Seedling
Dry Red
Norton is a variety thought to be an American native, but may have some European influence prior to its first distribution almost 200 years ago. The small grape provides a huge skin-to-juice ratio, creating deep color and rich tannins. This wine is lightly oaked with a fruity middle and long finish. Think steak…baked potato…extra butter!
$16.00 – 750ml

Patchwork Pink
Off-dry Rosé
A pleasant balance of bright fruitiness and tannin gives this wine a versatility for pairings from quiche to barbeque. The half-bottle is perfect for a picnic and makes a cute bud vase afterwards as a reminder of your special outing.
$11.00 – 375ml half-bottle

La Crescent
Semi-sweet White
This white French-hybrid grape thrives in our climate creating a full-bodied wine bursting with grapefruit notes in its aroma and flavor. LaCrescent flatters a fruity summer salad or spice-rubbed grilled fish.
$14.00 – 750ml

Semi-sweet Red
The old term “brambles” was often used for the prickly thickets that grow in the fence rows. In this wine, raspberries create the potent flavoring used to spike a grape base to become what we call Brambleberry. This deep-colored, full-bodied wine has a tart berry tingle best appreciated with buttery bread, mild cheeses and creamy pasta dishes. Special batches of this wine bear the image of our beloved calico cat who loved to help pick raspberries!
$14.00 – 750ml

Sweet White
A sweeter and softer version from our LaCrescent vines, these grapes beat the heat in their own shady canopy. Sip this wine chilled on your porch swing with a skewer of pineapple!
$12.00 – 750ml

Native Harvest
Dessert Wine – Red
This light port-style wine with hues and hints of black cherry serves nicely alongside dark chocolate desserts. Samples are served with semi-sweet morsels. Come and taste for yourself!
$11.00 – 375ml half-bottle

Sweeter Red
Classic Concord wine is a Midwest favorite with its grapey, lip-smacking charm. We chose to highlight this batch to commemorate our experience here of the total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024.
$14.00 – 750ml

Melon Burst
Sweetest Blush
Summer’s never over as long as there is watermelon wine! Starting from a neutral grape base, natural flavoring adds a powerful punch that is unmistakably watermelon. Sip this casual and fun concoction over crushed ice with a spearmint garnish.
$12.00 – 750ml

Squirrel Stampede
Dessert Wine – White
This wine was developed as a limited release to celebrate Hamilton County’s Bicentennial. The name is based on a true happening when wildlife, unable to find the food they needed in their normal habitat, moved into the cities and devoured domestic crops. Like the Great Squirrel Stampede of 1822, this wine is a little zippy, a little nutty and altogether unexpected!
$15.00 – 375ml half-bottle

Apple Spice
Fruit Wine, Dry
A light off-dry apple wine was made of fresh juice from a local orchard. An infusion of cinnamon imparts a spicy elegance that pairs well with roasted turkey, lentil stew or baked custard.
(Apple Spice is temporarily out of stock)


Enjoy Country Moon wine at our facility or at any event venue by specifying it through your caterer.

Case Discount
We are pleased to offer a case discount of 10% for all solid or mixed cases – a savings of $12 or more. This applies to any purchase of 12 bottles or more to one customer in the same visit.

Prices reflect increases effective 10-28-2022