Vineyard Journal Archives

This morning as I’m having breakfast, there is a squirrel in the yard. I’m watching him trot from tree to tree. He is looking for black walnuts, mostly. Some nuts he quickly buries in the snowy grass and others he carries up a sycamore tree, stuffing them into a cavity where a limb once was. Occasionally, he allows himself a little diversion to explore a new log or chase another squirrel. I am encouraged by the example of the little animal. The Lord has given him everything he needs, yet much effort is still required on his part to gather and store food. He surely has a nest here somewhere in the tree tops that he assembled leaf by leaf.

“inspired by his hard work”

I am inspired by his hard work and by his playfulness. His days are full of joy and he lies down tired and satisfied in his warm bed. We should all be so lucky! Actually we are…we are all that blessed and more. But humans make life difficult by seeking things like riches and fame, and of these there is never enough to satisfy. Today I will take a lesson from this bouncy squirrel and hold joy warm in my heart, thankful for every day and the responsibility and adventure that comes with it.

“Let the heart of them rejoice that seek the LORD.” — Psalm 105:3

Spring 2016
After a long winter, the warming weather brings visitors out in a mixture of jackets and shorts. We are pleased to feature some floral creations by local artist, Kathi Eells. The month of May always includes a focus on Relay for Life when the winery happily donates a percentage of sales made during the Highway 38 Sale weekend. Our favorite local restaurant, Jim Dandy, also has a fundraiser evening creating a great reason to enjoy one of their awesome double-decker burgers.

Summer 2016
The porch of the log cabin is a popular gathering spot. Girls and guys alike enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with a view of the vineyard.

“a skewer of fresh fruit”

On a hot Saturday in June we served up “Sunbonnet Coolers” — a mixture of ginger ale and our sweet Sunbonnet wine over ice with a skewer of fresh fruit.

Black raspberries grow wild under the trees in the wooded area of our property. One creative visitor crafted her own special walking pole from items gathered on a stroll through the woodland. After last year’s Sabbath picking, the vineyard has gained faithful fans. Gleaners are welcome every year to any fruit left hanging after harvest is complete.

Fall 2016
Families are always welcome at Country Moon Winery. We believe a visit to a winery creates a special opportunity between parents and children to discuss and demonstrate a healthy attitude toward wine. On October 1st, we hosted an event called “Family Fun Day.” There were lots of activities including games, walking trails, interactive displays, and even a few grapes left to pick.

The following Saturday we hosted a fundraiser benefitting Relay for Life. Tickets were pre-sold and attendees enjoyed samples of wine paired with an assortment of foods. These pairings were dispersed throughout the patio, lawn and arbor areas resulting in a nice tour of the space by the time everything was sampled. Many thanks to LuAnn who not only inspired this event, but has faithfully led the Noblesville Relay for Life effort for many years.

Winter 2016
Our “Shop Small” event this year featured free pourer spouts to first 50 visitors. We use these spouts in our tasting bottles and folks often comment on them. Grapevine wreaths and juniper boughs were also items available during the holiday season. Facebook posts included recipes and pics of neighborhood decorations. We opted for white painted pumpkins that cruised through Thanksgiving into Christmas.

“For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.” —Psalm 18:28