If you choose wine service at your party, the winery offers a variety of formats including: a wine tasting, an open wine bar, or a cash wine bar. You may choose for the winery to serve additional non-alcoholic beverages. When beverages are served by the winery, all related items such as cups, napkins, sugar, and sweetener are included.

Wine Tasting

All wine tastings are performed within the party setting. A guided tasting is a focused presentation featuring each wine with details of grapes grown and winemaking techniques. Guests are seated or gathered to hear the presentation. A mingle pouring provides brief information and minimal intrusion in a mingling crowd, allowing guests to continue chatting. All wine tastings consist of 1/2 ounce pours of every wine for sale on the date of the party. The number of wine-tasting guests may be different than other guest totals.
per person, no minimum

Wine Bar

A wine bar can be specially suited to match your setting and meet the needs of your group. Please note that a specially-created wine bar is not necessary for alcohol service. Guests may easily place orders for drinks by the glass or bottle as part of the attention provided by the winery staff. The larger the group, the more a wine bar makes sense to facilitate the crowd.

The open bar option provides wine service by winery staff at a designated indoor or outdoor bar area. The contracting customer may specify any or all of the following: a time limit, a total cost limit or a 2-drink limit per person – all for which the customer will incur the accumulated wine expense. Drink tickets may be utilized. Wine cost is calculated by counting the number of opened bottles. Please indicate on your submitted form the following:
Time of open bar opening
Time of open bar closing
Limit method(s): Time limit/Total cost limit/2 drinks per person
$40 bar set up fee plus wine expense

The cash bar option provides wine service by winery staff at a designated indoor or outdoor bar area. Each party guest may purchase wine by the glass or bottle. Money is collected from the guest at that time. Please indicate on your submitted form the following:
Time of cash bar opening
Time of cash bar closing
$40 bar set up fee
$0 transition from open bar to cash bar

We are happy to create a signature beverage for your gathering. This would consist of a 4-ounce serving of wine mixed with sodas, flavors, fruit, etc. Such beverages sell at the winery for around $7 depending on the ingredients. In the case of an open bar, beverages of this type would be part of the total wine expense determined at the conclusion of the party. For a cash bar, guests will pay for this type of beverage individually as ordered. Minimum of $35.

Alcohol Statement: Any alcohol service must be conducted by winery staff. According to the winery’s specific alcohol permit type, only the winery’s own manufactured wine may be served on the property. Outside alcohol is prohibited by state law. Winery staff must insure that all guests served alcohol are of legal age. Paper bracelets may be utilized if appropriate. The winery reserves the right to limit or discontinue service to any guest. Any guest found using an outside alcohol product will be asked to leave the premises. All guests should bear in mind it is illegal to be publicly intoxicated.

Other Beverages

The “Rustic Elegance” and “Table for Two” settings include a water glass with ice water service. Other settings may purchase bottled water for 50 cents per person. If ordered ahead, the water bottles will be made available in an iced cooler at the party setting.

The winery is also happy to provide soft drinks in bulk such as iced tea and lemonade, priced by the size of the group at $2 per person. Other non-alcohol beverages may be requested subject to approval. Minimum of $10 each.

Logo glasses

Unless otherwise specified, all wine is served in clear disposable plastic cups. The “Rustic Elegance” and “Table for Two” settings provide use of the winery’s stemless logo glass during the party. These glasses may be taken home for a purchase of $8 each. Similarly, any party setting may take home a number of wine glasses ordered ahead and therefore purchased ultimately by the party customer/contact person. Purchases of logo glasses the day of the party, and the possible use thereof, is subject to availability.

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