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“Solar Eclipse” Wine Mixer

Everybody’s going to want one of these blue coconut-flavored concoctions, so the recipe starts with a pitcher of wine base. Fudge-covered Oreo cookies are the perfect complement as a reminder of the “black moon” during totality.

WINE BASE in a 2-quart pitcher:
1 15 oz. can of coconut cream (stir vigorously until smooth)
1 bottle (750) Country Moon “Patchwork” blush wine
3 cups blue curacao syrup (non-alcoholic)

In a 20 oz. glass 
6 to 8 ice cubes
6 oz. wine base
place orange slice with slit on glass
add straw
fill with Sprite and allow to foam
serve with “moon” cookie

Prepping for Totality

Our tasting room is full of items to help you prepare for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, including a new label release, Totality. This Concord wine is a classic Midwest favorite with its lip-smacking and grapey charm! Pick up a bottle to celebrate with and save the empty to remember the special day!

Other merchandising includes tablecloths, napkins, dishware, and utensils to set a festive party theme. Thermal mugs and stickers from are irresistible with their “starry night” artwork.

Roosters are a natural symbol of the sun so we had to add a few to the display. Shoulder-sling bottle totes are handy for wine picnics and we’re certainly hoping for a picnic-worthy day on April 8th! Check out the eclipse map to see who else you know living in the path of totality.

Finally, use the wall-size eclipse as a photo background for your group as you visit before or after the big day. This feature will remain through the summer along with Totality wine and our specialty wine beverage, Solar Eclipse.

Caramel Apple Cider

Toast a batch of marshmallows ahead of time using liners in a muffin pan. Place a handful of mini-marshmallows in each liner. Broil for a few seconds – the toasting happens fast so watch carefully! The toasted marshmallows will keep for several days when covered.

In a 20 ounce glass:
7 oz. Country Moon “Sunbonnet” sweet white wine
7 oz. apple cider
6-8 slices of apples
add ice to fill
top with a bundle of toasted marshmallows
drizzle heavily with caramel sauce

Summer Sangria

Use a sweet wine for a base and your Sangria will be a sweet success! This recipe will make a 24 ounce beverage. Choose a tall transparent glass so you can enjoy the colors.

Red Sangria
7 oz. Country Moon “Concord Mist” red wine
7 oz. 7-up soda
chopped fruit assortment
1 tbsp. grenadine
ice to fill

White Sangria
7 oz. Country Moon “Sunbonnet” white wine
7 oz. 7-up soda
chopped fruit assortment
1 tbsp. lime juice
ice to fill

Our Wines Take Flight

Introducing the “Pick 4 Sampler”

To help meet the challenges of 2020, we are changing the format of our wine tasting. The new individual packages include a flight of 4 wine selections totally 6 ounces and a shot of crackers. The “Pick 4 Sampler” sells for $5.00 and creates several advantages including faster service and ensured sanitation. The disadvantage is we will miss the opportunity to chat with visitors about each wine as our previous presentations afforded. Please feel free to ask questions or request a tour through the vineyard where we can again drone on about the vines.

Coronavirus Reponse – Day 100

Welcome to our new normal.

On Saturday, June 20th we resumed wine service as Indiana moves into Stage 4 of the Governor’s re-opening plan. It’s been 100 days since we first sheltered-in-place back in March. Then we started the curbside pickup, but finally now guests can again order a glass or bottle of wine and enjoy it in our outdoor seating. Aside from the social distancing requirements it all feels nicely back to normal.

Our wine tasting, however, has undergone some changes. It was decided the interaction time needed to be reduced at the tasting bar. This speeds up the wait time for those distancing in line, and our individual packaging ensures the server is not coming in contact with used cups. So now until further notice, the “Pick 4 Sampler” is your wine tasting and sells for $5. You can make their selections from a list of 11 wines, receive your sampler and be on your way to the seating area. A one-way traffic pattern asks guests to circle back to original line for additional purchases. Yes, it’s a little awkward and it gets hot under those masks and gloves but this is our new normal. We hope you know that your safety is important to us and also hope you have confidence to get back out to the Indiana wineries and enjoy the rest of the season!

Introducing “Small Batch – Small Bottles”

Gift baskets are created to be appropriate for any occasion.

At every winery, some years have higher yields than others. We have discovered that when we have a small quantity of wine from one of our varieties, we can make a bigger splash by bottling in half-bottles or 375 ml bottles. This will also be handy for special, boutique recipes. We experimented with three wines this year, making necessary changes to the labels and we are happy with the results! The gift baskets shown were designed to work for any occasion but are especially nice as a hostess gift during the holidays. Let us know if we can prepare some custom gift baskets for your or your business!